Historical Woodwind Repair and Restoration

Early Woodwinds have unique needs, depending on how they have been treated and preserved over the centuries.

Services we offer


  • Restorations
  • Repads
  • Minor repairs such as;  pad replacement, joint re-lapping with thread, spring replacement, crack filling/pinning, cleaning, bore oiling/joint soaking, bocal patching, head cork replacement on flutes, ring and band reinforcement/tightening, etc.

We do not charge for estimates.

Restorations usually consist of the complete disassembly, cleaning and inspection of the instrument, filling of cracks, chips, worm holes, replacement of tenons, replacement of lost keys, springs and screws (where used)  We make sure all procedures are reversible and in the case of replacement parts, are clearly delineated so as not to deceive.