Flute Repair

Services we offer

  • Restoration/Overhaul
  • Repad
  • COA (clean, oil and adjust)
  • Pad replacement as necessary
  • Dent removal
  • Embouchure recutting
  • Minor repairs such as pad replacement, tenon fitting/rounding out, key  straightening, spring tension adjustment, spring replacement, head cork replacement, key bumper replacement, post resoldering, etc.

Daniel Deitch is a certified Straubinger pad technician for flute (www.straubingerflutes.com)
He also installs Jim Schmidt’s JS Digital Gold Flute Pad (users.gotsky.com/jimschmidt/fpad.html)

We do not charge for estimates.

Restorations/Overhauls consist of the full attention to every detail, including

Complete disassembly and cleaning of the body, keys, rods and posts, dent removal, resoldering any loose tone holes, key tightening and aligning, tone hole refacing, buffing of the body and keys, installation of key bumpers, stabilizers and non-traditional pads (traditional pads can be used upon request), extensive play testing to insure optimal playability.

A Repad includes

All the procedures described above, except for the buffing of the body and keys.  The body and keys are dipped in a tarnish removing solution and hand cleaned to a bright shine and luster, but scratches and some discoloration may remain.

The COA entails the following

Complete disassembly and cleaning of the body, keys rods and posts, key bumper replacement as necessary, key lubrication, pad replacement, dent removal, tenon fitting and rounding out as necessary. Other procedures undertaken as the need is recognized.

We highly recommend light spring tensions for ease of playability and fluidity of technique and lowered impact on hands and tendons.  We will not lighten springs if we are not authorized to do so, but will suggest the improvement.