Bassoon Repair

Services we offer


  • Restoration/Overhaul
  • Repad
  • COA (clean, oil and adjust)
  • Pad replacement as necessary
  • Crack repairs, pinning and filling
  • Tuning
  • Tenon or socket replacement or reconstruction
  • Bocal dent removal and patching
  • Key modifications, additions and rebuilding with off site replating if requested
  • Minor repairs such as joint cork replacement, thread lapping (if preferred), spring replacement, spring tension modification, key straightening/adjustment, U tube and boot ferrule sealing, etc.

We do not charge for estimates.

Restorations/Overhauls consist of the full attention to every detail, including

Complete disassembly and cleaning, key tightening and refitting, polishing and plating (if desired), tone hole refacing/rebuilding, inspection for and treatment of dry rot in the bottom of the boot joint, replacement of joint corks, replacement of key bumpers with synthetic materials, key lubrication, repadding with synthetic pads, extensive play testing to insure optimal playability. Oiling the wood and refinishing available upon request.

A Repad consists of the following

Complete disassembly, cleaning, tightening of some keys, tone hole refacing/rebuilding/reshaping (if needed), replacement of joint corks or lapping with thread, replacement of key bumpers with synthetic materials, key lubrication, repadding.

The COA entails the following

Complete disassembly, cleaning, joint cork and key bumper replacement as necessary, key lubrication, pad replacement as necessary. Other procedures undertaken as the need is recognized.

We highly recommend light spring tensions for ease of playability and fluidity of technique and lowered impact on hands and tendons. We will not lighten springs if we are not authorized to do so, but will suggest the improvement.

Cost is determined after inspecting the instrument and varies according to the hours and the cost of parts involved in the procedures.