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(The “ei” is pronounced as in “height”)

We pride ourselves in knowing that we provide meticulous repairs with genuine care for our client’s well-being.  With nearly forty years of repair experience between the two of us, we will insure that your instrument plays its best.  Our clients consist of members of the distinguished major orchestras and groups in the Bay Area and abroad as well as beginners and hobbyists, schools, colleges & universities, and museums.

We use top quality materials and advanced, up to date techniques to keep your instrument working better, longer.

Daniel was employed by the late Erwin Burger at the Woodwind and Brass Workshop here in San Francisco, where he worked for ten years before starting his own workshop in 1994, training and including Yukari in 2000.

We repair all woodwind instruments, from piccolos to contrabassoons, professional to student instruments. We do not repair saxes however.

We are also well versed in the restoration of historical woodwinds, having restored many two hundred year old flutes, clarinets and bassoons.

Some of Our Distinguished Clients